DevOps Enablement

DevOps is an imperative for organizations to deliver faster with quality and to delight customers often – all while meeting compliance and regulatory needs.

When we think DevOps, we think Lean, Flow, Feedback and Shared Responsibility. With our SQA-DAx (SQA Delivery Acceleration) Framework, we will partner to evolve your organization progressively into a new way of working and delivering:

  • Assess the present state using a Theory of Constraints approach
  • Design a standardized but flexible CI/CD reference architecture to enable an end-to-end workflow.
  • Jumpstart a capability immediately to demonstrate a quick win
  • Instill a culture of shared responsibility
  • Build fast feedback integrations to build in quality, performance and security
  • Design traceability and auditability across software delivery lifecycle
  • Scale for the enterprise through representative and reinforcing pilots.
  • Re-implement core capabilities in a DevOps paradigm: Release Planning, Change Management, Governance, Compliance, Orchestration with CI/CD, Versioning and Lifecycle Management