DevOps Enablement

DevOps is an imperative for organizations to deliver faster with quality, to reach and delight customers often, all while ensuring compliance and regulatory needs.

When we think DevOps, we think Lean, Flow, Feedback and Shared Responsibility

With our SQA-DAx (SQA Delivery Acceleration) Framework, we will partner to progressively evolve your organization into a new way of working and delivering, by

  • Assessing the present state using a Theory of Constraints approach
  • Designing a standardized but flexible CI/CD reference architecture to guide implementation
  • Jumpstarting a capability immediately to demonstrate a quick win
  • Instilling a culture of shared responsibility
  • Establishing flow with an end-to-end delivery pipeline
  • Adding fast feedback integrations to build in quality, performance and security
  • Building traceability and auditability across software delivery lifecycle
  • Scaling for the enterprise through representative and reinforcing pilots.