CI/CD Implementation

Whether you are in the midst of a digital transformation, or are experiencing challenges delivering functionality, getting changes into the hands of users in a fast, consistent and repeatable manner is imperative.

We can help you improve development productivity by modernizing your delivery pipeline utilizing distributed development approaches, chained tooling and integrations, in either on premise, cloud native, or hybrid cloud environments.

We bring deep implementation and tool expertise in

  • Distributed source code management to enable distributed development using a consistent workflow process for branching and merging
  • Build management to enable continuous integration through automated builds, with defined plans and pipelines implemented as a service
  • Continuous testing and review integrated with a promotion process
  • Automated deployment that combines distribution, installation, configuration and start-up state management
  • Release Orchestration to guide releases to production seamlessly and rapidly while ensuring enterprise visibility, end-to-end traceability and auditability.