Software Delivery

Deliver software quickly and efficiently.

SQA helps organizations transform their current go-to-market software strategy to expose and correct inefficiencies, enable long-term agile culture and implement fit-for-purpose practices and strategies unique for their organizations.

Our Offerings

agile transformation

Agile Transformation Services

Embrace an efficient software development workflow to beat your competition and reach the market faster. We’ll work with you to enable your organization for Agile success and help implement more efficient practices.

devops ci/cd services

DevOps Services & CI/CD Services

Adopt a DevOps approach to deliver software faster through standard and flexible Continuous Improvement/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) reference architectures. We’ll help you design, build and operationalize the technology and process for the automated “railroad” that moves code from development to end users continuously.

data science services

Data Science Services

Leverage “Data as an Asset” models to enhance enterprise data architecture, tooling, design, quality, security, interoperability and storage. We’ll help you use your data as information, giving you the ability to make the best organizational decisions possible through implementing data governance mindsets and enriching data quality.


How We Do It

Empower teams with improvement roadmaps, hands-on coaching and pilot programs.

Build reference architecture, automation frameworks and accelerators.

Provide local, experienced consultants who implement scalable capabilities.

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