Test Data Management

Testing can be a bottleneck for many development teams.  Automation can be a way to alleviate such bottlenecks and increase testing velocity. However, if data needed for testing and automation is not easy to use, does not represent production, or consumes excessive resources for preparation and management, then data-related defects typically reduce confidence in application quality and trust in the test automation approach.

We can help you build a comprehensive test data program that can reduce wait-times for testing and speed up releases with fast, secure, governed data.

Our services include:

  • Designing an approach to identify and subset data, and to determine the needs for synthetic data.
  • Implementing a test data preparation strategy that incorporates the following – mining, morphing, making – in that order.
  • Masking test data that is personally identifiable, personal or business sensitive, while making it usable for testing. Where real data is required for trouble-shooting, creating procedures for using it safely and compliantly.
  • Applying techniques to ensure that test specific data is housed and managed along with the tests to enable speed, debugging, repeatability and reuse.
  • Leveraging automation and well-known tools to manage and govern test data.