Test Automation

Digitization is driving the need for features to be accessible across various channels. Business solutions almost always include integrations with external, cloud-based, and internal systems. Data is the thread that is key to fostering differentiated value.

Software test automation today is about how to enable feedback throughout the delivery lifecycle, and for various types of testing, so that organizations can deliver differentiated value to customers faster, all while delighting them with first-time quality.

We bring cross-industry experience and omni-channel, multi-stack software testing implementation expertise to automation. SQA’s team can implement and extend test automation for:

  • Validating Mobile and Web experiences across devices and browsers.
  • Integrating services and APIs into your technology ecosystem.
  • Validating the quality and accuracy of data for all key data types and uses – streaming, batch, EDI/ETL, data warehouses to data marts, reporting and analytics.
  • Driving regression testing to speed up cycle time and find defects that would otherwise disrupt production and negatively impact customer satisfaction.
  • Assuring comprehensive and efficient coverage in combination with manual testing.