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Are you among the 80% of organizations who are leveraging manual processes but shifting to automation and don’t know where to start? SQA’s Software Automation Services can help.

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Software Automation Frameworks

Whether you are a start-up looking to build quality into your product or an established organization integrating your custom applications with best-of-breed software as a service (SaaS) or platform as a service (PaaS) models, leveraging software automation to speed up application delivery cycles is critical.

We can help you bring new digital features to market faster and integrate solutions with services and data by building software automation frameworks that support your applications and are maintainable and can be scaled quickly across teams and geographies.

We bring deep implementation and tool expertise in both vendor and open source technologies, and specialize in:

  1. Jump-starting software automation with code-based test automation frameworks in Python, Java and C#/.Net

  2. Implementing and optimizing test automation built on leading commercial tools

  3. Designing frameworks that can be used in-sprint for functional and integration testing and powering them with intelligence to predict, optimize and manage quality risk

  4. Building components that can be extended by developers and testers alike and ensuring that automation is enterprise-ready, with extensions for managing data and environments

  5. Constructing automated continuous development/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines fully integrated with test automation to create a continuous testing capability. Learn more about SQA’s CI/CD Services.

  6. Implementing and optimizing Robotics Process Automation (RPA) frameworks

Test Automation

Software test automation today is about how to enable feedback throughout the delivery lifecycle, and for various types of testing, so that organizations can deliver differentiated value to customers faster – all while delighting them with first-time quality.

We bring skilled practitioners with cross-industry experience, diverse tool expertise and multi-stack software testing implementation expertise to automation. We can implement and extend test automation for:

  1. Validating mobile and web experiences across devices and browsers

  2. Integrating services and APIs into your technology ecosystem

  3. Validating the quality and accuracy of data for all key data types and uses – streaming, batch, EDI/ETL, data warehouses to data marts, reporting and analytics

  4. Driving regression testing to speed up cycle time and find defects that would otherwise disrupt production and negatively impact customer satisfaction

  5. Assuring comprehensive and efficient coverage in combination with manual testing

  6. In-production testing and monitoring to ensure the stability and availability of your in-service applications

Test Data Management

A full test automation framework requires a matching test data management strategy to enable and operationalize successful integration of test automation.

We can help you build a comprehensive test data program that is digestible and efficient and can reduce wait times for testing and speed up releases with fast, secure, governed data.

Our services include:

  1. Designing an approach to identify and subset data, and to determine the needs for synthetic data

  2. Implementing a test data preparation strategy that incorporates mining, morphing and making (in that order)

  3. Masking test data that is personally identifiable, personal or business sensitive, while making it usable for testing

  4. Creating procedures for using data safely and compliantly

  5. Applying techniques to ensure that test-specific data is housed and managed along with the tests to enable speed, debugging, repeatability and reusability

  6. Leveraging automation and well-known tools to manage and govern test data

"Thank you again for all that your organization did to support the badly needed changes in testing, agile and process improvements. You and your team did make a difference." - Dan Sheehan, Chief Information Officer, Beacon Health Options

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