QE Transformation

The shifting priorities of IT organizations in our digital world, coupled with Agile and DevOps are driving organizations from QA to QE.

When we think Quality Engineering, we think of these core capabilities: customer-first mindset; shifting quality left; intelligent automation; managing data and environments for agility; and performance as a design pattern.

With our implementation consultants and SMEs, we will help you transform, building a resilient culture, and a new way of operating, by

  • Focusing quality on customer experience across multiple channels.
  • Optimizing around the right skills and embedding testing into agile teams.
  • Implementing enablers like BDD as a common language between the business and technology.
  • Making automation a core enabler for continuous testing and fast feedback.
  • Increasing the opportunities for testing through service virtualization and cloud-enabled environments.
  • Incorporating performance throughout the development lifecycle and into production.
  • Coupling data with tests to ensure consistency.
  • Establishing Communities of Practice to reinforce and assimilate changes across the enterprise.