Performance Engineering

The new normal for today’s enterprise is to sustain a business, while incorporating the best of internal and SaaS applications, on premise to cloud implementations, and ensuring these integrate cohesively. Seamlessly monitoring, testing and ensuring that business solutions are always performing in this complex environment are acknowledged challenges.

We can help you put in place capabilities to – monitor and baseline performance across your stack; identify, analyze and isolate issues; and then engineer ways to tune and optimize performance.

Our end to end services include:

  • Assessing the present state of performance to uncover areas for improvement, in the context of your business and vertical.
  • Creating a blueprint to grow the organization’s capabilities in performance engineering and management.
  • Implementing core Capacity Management capabilities including upskilling the organization.
  • Ensuring performant business processes are designed with scalability and multi-platform integration in mind.
  • Implementing strategies for load, stress testing and longevity testing, supported by production monitoring and statistical profiling.
  • Bringing specific expertise in planning and managing performance in environments that include Windows / VMware virtualization, and Azure / AWS deployments.