Quality Engineering

Deliver high quality the first time.

Will your automation strategy scale? Will the framework deliver on the promise of rework reduction and lower maintenance? We have the expertise to implement solutions that empower shift left initiatives and automate quality.

Our Offerings

Software Automation Services

Making the move to more automated processes isn’t as easy as flipping a switch. So, how do you become more automated while “keeping the lights on”? We’ll help you evaluate your current state, build frameworks optimized for your organization and implement these frameworks while enabling your team for continual success.


Software Test Services

Over 80% of organizations are still leveraging manual test. If you’re not ready to move to automation, we can supply you with local experts ready to roll their sleeves up to augment your testing team.


Performance Engineering Services

Is your tech stack up to par? We can help you put in place capabilities to monitor and baseline performance across your tech stack, identify, analyze and isolate issues, and then engineer ways to tune and optimize performance – whether cloud-based or on premise.


How We Do It

Empower teams with improvement roadmaps, hands-on coaching and pilot programs.

Build reference architecture, automation frameworks and accelerators.

Provide local, experienced consultants who implement scalable capabilities.

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April 9, 2019
Our client is a rapidly growing Boston-based product company introducing an AI-based virtual assistant or coach. This bleeding edge application...
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SQA developed a holistic strategy for end-to-end quality assurance by creating a structured Quality Assurance (QA) process from development to...