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SQA resources tested enhancements of several healthcare products, ensuring adherence to new industry standards. Integrated into scrum teams, QA Analysts and Automation Engineers executed both manual and automated testing of the flagship product–– a software platform that centralized Electronic Health Records (EHR) for healthcare providers.


  • Test Automation
  • Test Execution
  • .net
  • FDA Compliance


Carbonite was experiencing steady growth through M&A, which meant constant integration of new customer data and transaction functionality into their existing backend IT systems. Over time, the Selenium/C# test framework comprising thousands of scripts required active maintenance and enhancement – an estimated 1,000-hour effort. To meet this need with a lead time of two weeks, SQA quickly screened, vetted and presented top-notch SDET candidates, one of which who shined during technical vetting with his command of end-to-end (GUI, API, database) test automation. A polyglot, he excelled in using languages like C#, Java, and SQL to drive automation so much he was offered a permanent role with Carbonite to revamp their CI/CD pipeline, primarily using Jenkins.


  • Selenium
  • .Net/C#
  • Regression Automation


Cogito developed a highly configurable artificial intelligence software product to improve their clients’ customer engagement and employee performance. Using voice print metrics and dynamic dialog algorithms, they sought to increase the effectiveness of their client’s call centers by analyzing real-time dialogue and providing live behavioral guidance to phone representatives.

Collaborating with SQA to develop an automated regression framework, Cogito was able to test and validate client configurations and ensure algorithms were applied correctly. After successful implementation, SQA’s reusable framework helped them reduce defects, avoid rework, shrink costs and improve their customer experience.

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  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Automation Frameworks


SQA supplied Senior QA Engineers to facilitate the testing of Machine Vision software. These on-demand resources created and executed test plans and automated regression tests using C# to speed up testing cycles.


  • C#
  • GIT
  • Point and Click UI
  • Component Testing


SQA executed manual backend testing of Connance’s claims processing application, focusing on data validation and healthcare compliance.


  • SQL
  • TFS
  • Claims Processing

Constant Contact

SQA’s Automation Engineers collaborated in an Agile environment to develop and execute automated test scripts for Constant Contact’s authoring and editing platform.


  • SaaS
  • CD/CI
  • Ruby on Rails
  • RESTful API
  • JavaScript Stack

Dell EMC

Working with internal project teams and EMC’s global QA center of excellence, SQA’s senior QA experts successfully evangelized the benefits of proper QA processes. As a result, three major HR-related efforts were highly successful.


  • QA Best Practices
  • SuccessFactors


Glance Networks Inc.

Glance Networks was experiencing rapid growth which caused an uptick in workload for their Software Quality Assurance team. The vetting that full-time hiring requires was taking too long and they did not have the bandwidth to train someone new. SQA provided them with two key consulting resources at a critical time for their business who were able to get up-to-speed quickly on their complex application and help elevate their Quality Assurance’s team bandwidth issue.


  • Native Mobile Application Testing
  • End-to-End Testing


SQA deployed a team of local, on-shore resources to solve Hayward’s efficiency challenges with an off-shore vendor. These resources eliminated the backlog of existing test cases and developed additional test plans in preparation for a major release.


  • Python
  • XML

Hexagon Metrology

SQA created written test plans and programs to test Hexagon Metrology’s internal product upgrade. SQA resources trained internal representatives to execute the test procedures while supporting them throughout each phase of the product upgrade.


  • Linux OS
  • JIRA
  • Visual Studio

iRobot Corporation

When iRobot was embarking on a multi-year effort to bring a first-of-its-kind robotic lawnmower to market in the United States, they tapped SQA’s test engineering expertise to help lay the foundation for all embedded software and firmware testing for the product. Following Agile methodologies in a lab setting with technologies like Linux, C++, iOS, android, and python, SQA’s consultants conceived of and executed hundreds of test scenarios to build quality in to this IoT product. Collaboration with embedded development teams after initial defect triage for rapid fix was key to maintaining timelines and integrating with the parallel efforts by mobile, cloud and electromechanical systems development teams. SQA’s efforts provided the blueprint upon which a functional test automation framework is being built to enable CI/CD and Continuous Testing.


  • Robotics
  • IoT
  • Test Strategy
  • New Product Launch
  • Embedded Testing

Iron Mountain


SQA developed a proof of concept for an automated regression suite. The team implemented a 1.0 version while creating a full billing application framework. SQA gauged the scalability of the system and completed testing of handheld devices used to manage and validate installation of smart meter components.


  • Smart Metering Solutions
  • Python
  • Grinder



SQA provided expertise to support PatientKeeper’s new multi-tiered platform. The team enabled QA and testing of their new web-based and mobile applications.

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  • Evaluation
  • Tools Assessment
  • Road Map


SQA supported an integrated testing effort of Provant’s Client Web Portal and Incentive Management Systems. Senior Test Analysts worked closely with the CIO, VP of IT and the Development team to understand systems architecture, to test critical integration points, and to perform data validation on custom client reports.


  • Web Portal
  • SQL Server
  • Custom Reports
  • Mobile Applications

Realtime Robotics

SQA’s Quality Engineering team developed a modular test automation solution designed to serve as a foundational component for all testing, including Spatial Recognition components.

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  • IoT
  • AI
  • Robotics
  • Automation
  • Embedded Software


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