Emerging Technologies

A step ahead in enabling your business

Emerging technologies—AI, machine learning, IoT, etc.—are here and already having impact on businesses when it comes to financial opportunities, efficiency gains and productivity enhancements, among other benefits.

But these trends also create feelings of overwhelm and confusion. You may be wondering, which technologies make sense for my business? Are they ready for prime time? Does my team have the bandwidth to come up to speed and deploy expediently and effectively?

How We Help


Whether you’re well along the pathway of technology acceleration, ready to dip a toe, or somewhere in between, SQA Group helps you introduce disruptive, emerging technologies to catalyze meaningful change. We know the market leaders, understand the value of their products, and work with you to identify which technologies best support your overarching departmental- and organizational strategies.

Sometimes our partnership leads to a full-scale digital transformation rollout; other times it centers upon integrating legacy applications to newer emerging technologies. But no matter the engagement, we zero in on the role technology plays in positively impacting revenue, growth, market value, performance and productivity.

The Outcome

As we introduce enhancements and modernization to your ecosystem, you will be able to, among other things:

  • Leap frog your competitors, enter new markets, expand product offerings and services
  • Address immediate pain caused by legacy, laggard and burdensome technologies and ecosystems
  • Ensure technology is not just fit-for-purpose, but ready-for-purpose
  • Reduce time-to-market with product and solution roll outs
  • Measure success rate in a way that was previously elusive
  • Cultivate the behaviors, mindset and practices that build a culture in support of continuous adoption
  • Develop an eye towards the future of tech


Specific expertise helping you leverage the following technologies and strategies:

  • Cloud
  • Automation
  • AI
  • Machine Learning
  • IoT
  • Digitization
  • User Adoption
  • API
  • Migration
  • Change Management
"Before we turn a wrench, we think and design with you. Any initiative—no matter how big or small—is intrinsically linked to driving positive business outcomes." - Walter McAdams, VP of Solutions Delivery, SQA Group

Our Philosophy

In partnership, we introduce new technologies in an iterative, phased-manner so you can drive immediate outcomes.

We craft the right solutions that allow you to innovate within the possibility you desire.

Culture and tech go hand-in-hand; let's disrupt with people in mind.