Data Science Services

Leverage data-as-an-asset

Becoming a data-driven organization has become a business advantage, allowing companies to turn insights into action, lead from a place of knowledge, and track company performance and forecast trends, among a myriad of other gains. But becoming data-driven, and strategically leveraging data-as-an-asset, requires a specific strategy built around tools, process and culture.

How We Help


SQA Group helps you create a holistic data strategy that enables you to leverage data-as-an-asset to move your business forward. We help you uncover how to position data as a method by which you drive company direction and strategy.

From identifying the right data tools to building a data governance discipline to architecting and building data frameworks, we work in partnership to help you transform your company into a data-driven entity.

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The Outcome

By becoming more data-driven, and strategically leveraging data to drive your biggest corporate initiatives, we help you realize the following outcomes:

  • Craft a holistic data strategy that transforms information into actionable insight
  • Implement capabilities that enhance data architecture, modeling and design, automated data delivery, quality, storage and batch operations
  • Expedite and validate decision-making
  • Develop trust and belief in your data so that data can transform into business intelligence
  • Gain visibility into your organization
  • Arm your team with self-service data access, eliminating manual toil resulting from report generation


Specific expertise around the following data elements:

  • Data quality
  • Data fusion
  • Data transformation
  • Data structure performance
  • EDI & ETL processes
  • Creation and management of test data
  • Visualizations and dashaboards
  • Data lakes, warehouses, cubes and marts
  • Business intelligence
  • Data governance
63% of US executives do not believe their companies are analytics-driven; 67% do not feel comfortable accessing or using data from their tools and resources. - Deloitte Survey, 2019, US Executives

Our Philosophy

The future of data is self-service

Data can be empowering, not overwhelming

When your team trusts its data, it can transform into intelligence