Software Lifecycle Compliance

In regulated industries like life sciences and healthcare, software and analytics are enabling the amalgamation of systems and devices to drive drug development and patient care. Agility and DevOps are being leveraged for speed, but compliance is key for business.

With our consultants and domain experts, we can partner with you to ensure controls and regulatory requirements are automatically met as a course of developing and delivering software, by

  • Defining a software lifecycle workflow in a progressive DevOps context.
  • Designing a standardized, but flexible, software delivery architecture with an integrated toolchain.
  • Implementing a process to satisfy and document controls as a by-product of conducting development activity.
  • Eliminating human interaction wherever possible with automated actions and approvals.
  • Modernizing deployment and release, and integrating it with independent validation.
  • Building metrics into the lifecycle and using a ‘single pane’ approach to provide organizational visibility into compliance.