IT Quality Services

Don’t just “set it and forget it”.

A large portion of your assets is devoted to IT infrastructure, whether on premise or cloud-based. SQA can help you implement the right IT for your business and help you maintain and continuously optimize for success.

IT Quality Services

From software systems implementation to change control to periodic reviews and assessments, SQA’s skilled subject matter experts help ensure quality practices are followed.

Our IT Quality Services include:

  1. Independent quality reviews and approvals for system implementations

  2. Change controls for regulated systems to maintain validated state

  3. Part 11 assessment and remediation planning

  4. Internal assessments and periodic reviews

  5. External vendor assessments and audits

  6. Regulatory response assessment, remediation planning and implementation

"Thank you again for all that your organization did to support the badly needed changes in testing, agile and process improvements. You and your team did make a difference." - Dan Sheehan, Chief Information Officer, Beacon Health Options

How We Do It

Assess your organization’s current state of IT quality and devise a go-forward plan through SQA’s subject matter experts.

Leverage our subject matter experts to help execute and implement these plans.

Provide local, onsite consultants with industry and regulatory experience to augment your teams and help maintain these important initiatives.

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