Systems Operations Administrator

Are you experienced working in Systems Operations with virtual Windows Server 16 and Windows 10 for embedded systems/hardware?

SQA is seeking a Systems Administrator/SysOps Consultant with experience working with virtualized Windows Server 16 and Windows 10 for embedded systems (hardware) in the Burlington, MA area. The ideal consultant would have experience standing up these environments and know how to set up an ISO, if not create one and get installations done. Additional responsibilities will include setting up and troubleshooting Windows networks, domain names, or host names within a domain, participating in daily scrums to help the development team think about things like commercial licensing traceability for version control, and analyzing and cataloging (e.g. within Excel) key commercial licensing agreement parameters to mitigate legal risk, prioritizing considerations for internal legal department review.

Critical Success Factors:

  • Technical Systems Operations background, which provides the basis for understanding of the complex, integrated technology environment
  • Good sense of how to spin up virtual instances of Windows Server 2016, Windows 10
  • Can set up an ISO; can set up/troubleshoot Windows networks, domain names, TCP/IP settings, and host names within a domain; some Powershell DSC background for scripting

Job ID: 1909-5788
SQA is an equal opportunity employer and supports workforce diversity.