The Remote Workplace Paradigm

March 30, 2020

Key concepts and tips for IT organizations striving to maintain agility, efficiency, and quality while shifting to a remote workforce

Open source and cloud-based technology has enabled innovation and velocity that has had a profound impact on IT organizations. Even so, moving to a remote workforce in normal times can be a challenge. Doing so in a time of crisis poses an even greater challenge. However, as Software Quality Associates (SQA) has learned in more than 25 years of working with remote teams across the United States in an environment where innovation continues to demand greater agility and drive greater velocity, a combination of resiliency, leadership, and tools can smooth the transition.

This paper was written in March, 2020 during the COVID-19 (aka “Coronavirus”) pandemic occurring globally. The information outlined was derived to help IT teams accommodate and shift appropriately during times of local quarantines. While proven useful during this time, this information is highly scalable for future work-from-home considerations.

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