QA Software Test at Your Fingertips

October 23, 2016

A Need in QA Software Test:

A leader in the physician’s workflow applications market approached SQA looking for skilled resource support their QA software test function. They recognized a significant opportunity to capitalize on government-provided stimulus funds. However, their technical requirements were extremely niche and spanned both the insurance and patient care sides of the healthcare industry. The organization’s challenges were unique:

  • How could they find experts with the right technical skills and industry insights?
  • In what ways could they ensure that QA test best practices were applied to their new web and mobile applications?
  • How could they take advantage of the stimulus money available?
  • Ultimately, how could they ensure better patient care?

SQA’s Solution:

  • Deployed resources to find expert QA test consultants who fit within a niche.
  • Spent much time with the company to determine the skill sets required, fine-tuned a detailed screening process, and interviewed hundreds of QA test candidates to make the ideal matches.
  • Worked together with engineering management to broaden their best practices knowledge, enhance their automated testing of software and prepare for the future.
  • Provided forward-thinking solutions to define, deploy and manage their product development processes and navigate the challenges and exciting opportunities ahead.
  • Managed a thorough and successful QA testing of their web and mobile applications.


We continued to work with the client to further enable their QA software test of complex web and mobile applications and dynamic work activities. Because they were at an early-innovation stage, industry-specific and best practice-aligned solutions quickly transformed them into a healthcare products leader and put them at forefront of their industry.


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