On-Demand Staffing & Resources

August 15, 2016

On-Demand Staffing & Resources

Provided on-demand testing resources to help a national chain of pharmacies manage their uneven staffing needs throughout the product development lifecycle. Our long-term relationship enables us to augment CVS’s testing abilities with outsourced services that meet their surges in staffing requirements and testing needs, resulting in greater cost efficiency and speed to market.


While CVS’s strategy is to put their best staff to work on their company’s most profitable, long-term goals, their challenge is ramping up when additional testing capabilities are needed and during peak periods of the product development lifecycle. Coming to SQA, CVS had many questions: How do we cost-effectively accommodate staffing fluctuations? Minimize the fixed costs of hiring and re-training? Improve our internal testing processes and standards? Increase time to market? Guarantee needs are met on-demand? And ensure consultants have the talent, drive and personality to mesh with our culture?

SQA’s Solution:

  • Fill talent shortages on demand, leverage state-of-the-art processes and scalable delivery capabilities to drive down costs while generating breakthrough innovations.
  • Identify, rationalize and consolidate resources to achieve immediate high performance.
  • Lower overall risk by applying our standardized tools, processes, and low-cost delivery resources.
  • Ensure testing needs are met quickly – from ramping up for additional staffing or creating a large-scale testing model.
  • Employ a proactive and strategic approach from an enterprise-level in order to place contractors who are focused on specific technology solutions and/or IT functional areas.
  • Provide one-point contact for outsourcing with improved governance, reporting and tracking, resulting in fewer ad hoc resource requests and more predictable costs.


SQA has become CVS’s long-term business partner, thanks to proactive management, a thorough approach and an in-depth screening process. CVS trusts SQA to deliver the right solutions and exact talent required to meet even their most critical deadline. Because we know CVS and their culture so well, we’re able to place that rare talent on their team: highly qualified professionals with the synergy to compliment their culture and efforts. Today, we not only provide staffing solutions when resources are in short supply, we also provide advice and consulting services whenever hard challenges arise.

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