An IT, Quality and Business Blueprint in a Regulated Paradigm: Past, Present and Future

June 24, 2020

Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Medical Device organizations all share critical capabilities designed to deliver high quality products to patients. We need exceptional science, advanced technology and effective controls.  Business, IT and Quality functions are the triad and, historically, approaches have been siloed. With the emergence of tailored software platforms, adjusted guidance from the FDA and more collaborative methodologies, the tide is shifting.  As a leader of your organization, are your teams operating at peak performance and aligned to a common goal?

Watch industry leaders discuss:

  • Challenges the IT, Quality and Business functions have faced to lead to an organizational alliance
  • Shift in the roles of IT and Quality to meet business and organizational needs
  • Technological innovations to unite these functions, aid in enabling data chain of custody and maintain data integrity
  • Ways to continuously transform to a business-driven organization

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