Implementation of a Proactive IT & Data Governance Model

July 12, 2016

To support the company’s ongoing efforts for excellence, a local financial giant looked to SQA to ensure their IT and data governance team was focused on the right priorities and positioned to achieve specific and measurable results in the future. They wanted someone on their side who could give the frank answers to their questions:

  • Where were the pains?
  • How good are the tests?
  • How efficient are the processes?
  • What can we do to improve?
  • How do we sell it to top management?

SQA’s Solution for IT & Data Governance:

  • Evaluated the testing activities throughout the SDLC and reviewed processes to understand current waterfall and future agile practices.
  • Reviewed governance activities for insight into their current controls, metrics and reporting activities and identified improvements required to better support business growth.
  • Assessed the high-level effectiveness of their current tools and made strategic recommendations for enhancing traceability, defect management, metrics and reporting.
  • Evaluated the release schedule and management activities and identified constraints and initiatives necessary for improving test planning, procedures and execution.
  • Made specific recommendations and developed a set of metrics to better track defects, measure test progress, product quality and production readiness.
  • Developed a high-level Testing Improvement Roadmap, including a priority list and resources required to implement strategy and ensure it remained aligned to its over-arching objectives.


By working with SQA, our client was able to develop a proactive IT and data governance model to ensure that leaders are involved in planning and aligning initiatives with business priorities. Their robust model empowers them to drive greater value by transforming business models, creating new products and services, as well as responding to customers’ needs and market changes in real time.


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