Holistic Strategy for End-to-End Quality Assurance

April 19, 2016

SQA developed a holistic strategy for end-to-end quality assurance by creating a structured Quality Assurance (QA) process from development to testing with a strong focus on improved upfront planning.

In the fast-paced, market-driven world of games, our client was challenged to move from a product company to a technology provider. To meet consumer demands for high-tech games, they had to quickly improve the quality of testing and achieve more scalability. How could they get to the end more efficiently? Identify defects earlier? Contain costs? Meet target dates and end deadlines? Deliver more innovative initiatives? Stay ahead of the curve?

SQA’s Solution for Quality Assurance:

  • Evaluated and made recommendations for improving testing, including unit, systems, regressions, performance, loads, integration and security.
  • Reviewed their newly defined Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) and made specific recommendations for aligning the IS organization with business objectives.
  • Researched the current state and recommended process improvements for test estimation, planning, resource management, script and case development, metrics reporting, and more.
  • Evaluated their suite of documentation/templates and recommended improvements of Scope of Work (SOW), business systems requirements, test plans and scripts, defect and risk logs, project plans and schedules.
  • Made specific recommendations to enhance current computer tools to track defects, test unit and load, automate functions, manage projects and portfolios, secure applications and networks.
  • Identified a configuration of software/hardware to maximize efficiencies, support multiple test objectives, as well as identified high-level skills required to implement recommendations.


Our client developed a structured QA environment that achieved a lower cost, higher production quality, on-schedule delivery and more scalability to support the company’s growing needs. Judicious application testing resulted in higher quality systems with fewer defects, which greatly reduced costs and increased speed to the market. With better upfront planning and a holistic end-to-end Quality Assurance strategy, the organization is well ahead of the curve.


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