Don’t Sacrifice: Agility, Velocity and Quality for Remote Capabilities

March 18, 2020

Like thousands of other organizations, you may be considering a fully-remote workforce to mitigate the spread and exposure of COVID-19. Is your organization ready to adapt quickly while maintaining software delivery velocity, application or system performance, and operational efficiency?

Watch our forum where the SQA Leadership Team discusses remote workforce best practices and how to operate efficiently and effectively both as an operation and as a culture. Topics include:

  • Agile principles based on personnel transparency and trust
  • Empowering teams and resources to sustain Agility when proximity is disrupted
  • Appropriate infrastructure enablement to ensure teams self-organize to meet business demand and adapt continuously
  • Cultural resiliency when teams work together both off and on site
  • What you as a leader and as an organization can learn from this opportunity

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