Data as an Asset: Putting the “I” back into “IT”

January 16, 2020

Information Technology (IT) – noun – the technology involving the development, maintenance, and use of computer systems, software, and networks for the processing and distribution of data

Back to basics: the term “Information Technology” has historically revolved around technology and the systems your organization uses to process and distribute data. It’s also no surprise that data is one of the largest assets of your organization and day-to-day work life, so, naturally, the technology used to obtain said data is more important than the data itself, right? Wrong.

Technology spits out data, yes. But, what about the information that surrounds it? The industry is transitioning from a system focus to an information focus and your organization needs to jump on (the mother)board – pun intended.

Watch our panel discussion on where we uncovered:

  • Data’s role in IT as it relates to governance and integrity
  • Challenges your organization may face around information and how to overcome them
  • How changing market conditions and technologies will affect the ways your organization should be absorbing, utilizing and disseminating information
  • What other organizations are doing to shift their focus from systems to information
  • Shifting paradigms in a regulated industry

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