Achieving Optimal Performance through Cloud-Based Solutions

March 10, 2018

A leading maritime company had never put much focus on their technology; in fact, for a long time they ran business on manual processes. After moving to a mainframe and then to a portal-based system, they were ready to get serious about quality testing. The organization looked to SQA to help answer the following:

  • How could they afford the cost of entry?
  • What infrastructure did they need?
  • How can they acquire the skills to use it?
  • Could they afford the risk of taking on such a commitment and, adversely, could they afford not to?

SQA’s Solution:

  • Took advantage of cloud model and provided the expertise to migrate, design, build and deploy the cloud computing to transform their business.
  • Recommended our partner IBM, which provided tier-level three support and instant access.
  • Configured the appropriate environment and testing structures.


Our client was able to get up and running from time-of-contract to ready-to-script within 48 hours. As a result of their quick upstart, they were able to identify significant issues at the onset and pro-actively address them with third party resources, avoiding major expenditures and time delays. The move-to-cloud testing generated huge benefits in cost and efficiencies—and provided them with newfound agility, flexibility and scalability that allowed them to grow in a direction they hadn’t believed was possible before.


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