Achieving Optimal Performance through Cloud-Based Solutions

March 10, 2018

Achieving Optimal Performance through Cloud-Based Solutions

Encouraged a large maritime company to move from an inadequate system to cloud-based solution and created a well-rounded cloud strategy with scalable, dynamic and virtualized resources to address their biggest IT challenges.


Crowley, a leading maritime company, had never put much focus on their technology; in fact, for a long time they ran business on manual processes. After moving to a mainframe and then to a portal-based system, Crowley was ready to get serious about quality testing. But how could they afford the cost of entry? Know what infrastructure they needed? Acquire the skills to use it? Could they afford the risk of taking on such a commitment? Could they afford not to?

SQA’s Solution:

  • Took advantage of cloud model and provided the expertise to migrate, design, build and deploy the cloud computing to transform their business.
  • Recommended our partner IBM, which provided tier-level three support and instant access.
  • Configured the appropriate environment and testing structures.


Crowley was able to get up and running from time-of-contract to ready-to-script within 48 hours. As a result of their quick upstart, Crowley was able to identify significant issues at the onset and pro-actively address them with third party resources, avoiding major expenditures and time delays. The move to cloud testing generated huge benefits in cost and efficiencies—and provided Crowley with newfound agility, flexibility and scalability that allowed them to grow in a direction they hadn’t believed was possible before.

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