[Live Webinar] 5 Keys to Change Management: Are we done yet?

February 11, 2020

[Live Webinar] 5 Keys to Change Management: Are we done yet?

Wednesday, March 18, 2020 | 11am – noon ET

Digital Transformation is one of the biggest buzzwords in our industry. We’re all actively “transforming”, but haven’t we been transforming for (what seems like) forever?

Chances are, your transformation strategy is falling short of achieving your end goals. Join our panel discussion on March 18th from 11am-noon ET as we discuss 5 ways to ensure transformation success and how to recognize and overcome the roadblocks you may face. We’ll uncover:

  • The importance of unification and buy-in from leadership
  • Considerations for assessing your organization’s runway and appetite for change
  • Ways to overcome resistance to change
  • Ways to define a model state with a proper vision and measurable KPIs
  • What is needed to develop people, processes and tools for transformation

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Moderator: Karen Scott, Director of Client Services, SQA

Current Panelists:
Chris O’Connor, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Walter McAdams, VP Solutions and Delivery, SQA
Jennifer Taylor, Chief People Officer, SQA

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